vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Enkele Reacties Op Het Optreden In Las Vegas...

"Its been a long time since I have been this surprised. Very good performance and a great, great laugh!!" - Kevin Pellicaan, Inside Sales Rep at EVault.

"Your portion of the EVault World Wide Sales Conference was just brilliant! You've made a number of fans here!" - Dave Lionelli, Priority Account Manager EVault.

"Thank you Pieter - your presentation was great. I have received much positive feedback. A perfect ending to a very intense week" - Valerie Fawzi, Technology Marketing Executive EVault.

"Well done, Pieter! Hilarious!" - Jeff Garrett, Global Microsoft Alliance Manager at EVault.
"Definitely one of the highlights of the week!" - Jonathan Farmer, Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery Specialist at EVault.

"For the most part of it, I believed he was really a CEO, the most funny I've ever seen also..." - Christopher Cook, Latin America Marketing EVault.

"Excellent job!" - Soumya Das Bhaumik, Senior Product Manager at EVault.